Monday, August 27, 2007

Before and After

The time that I spent in my studio, before our belongings arrived from Canada, felt calm, almost reverent. It was quiet and clean. It was a nice space to feel and think in.
Now that I have the addition of our supplies and my little kittens, it's a little noisier and a little messier but it's everything I want it to be. I added the couch, knowing it would get crowded but intentionally adding a comfortable spot for my babies in front of the fire place. It still gives me plenty of space to work.
I have to admit that more often than not it takes effort to ignore the messes and chaos. I just want them to remember it as a safe, happy space where they could make and explore. These days are numbered, beautiful, crazy and perfect.
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emily said...

I want to come over and do a project!

cassandra said...

I hope sooner than later my little sister.


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