Friday, August 10, 2007


My debut as a movie star began very early in the morning with makeup applied by a talented, beautiful professional, Danielle, who also happens to be a friend of ours. I think I might have looked better if the vacuum contraption above my head could have sucked a few of the wrinkles off of my face so that I could have begun my career with a little fresher look.

There is just something that happens to me when I have a camera or microphone in front of me. All of the shyness that I am known for vaporizes and I transform into Amy Sedaris...or maybe it was the nude nylons that did it. Really, I had to hold back from singing and dancing. I kept wanting to spin while I was supposed to be playing an uptight art snob in a Converse commercial.

My hardest task as to count to five in my head and then slowing...but not too slowly turn my head to the left, and then hold my haughty look on a piece of blue tape on the wall. I had to do about 15 cuts for that one. Thank goodness we had craft services gave me a rise enough blood sugar to make it through. I did better at the walking toward the camera scene. I didn't fall. Maybe next time Chris Cutri will actually give me a speaking part.
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