Monday, July 23, 2007

Shop'n Vancouver

My favorite store is John Fluevog for shoes. I try not to go in because I usually buy more shoes when I do. Around Grandville and Robison downtown are some fun vintage shops. I like shopping on Main street for clothes and wool at Birkeland Bros. Commerical has good shops too. The Aberdeen center is Richmond has wacky Asian shops and some cool stuff.
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Laura A said...

That is wild! I have 7 pair of 'vogs. Nate has his own collection. I know we're in trouble when he starts emailing me pictures from their website.

He introduced me to Fluevogs, and he's been wearing them since high school. They're expensive, but incredibly well made. He still wears shoes he's had over 10 years. I've worn my mary janes to death, (I am not kind to shoes), and they're still fabulous.

He's there right now, to be honest, buying more laces. He does tend to blow through laces.


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