Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I really like the mendhi that Dan paints on his girls. His designs are getting more and more elegant. For me, these tattoos serve as outside symbols of what I want to remember on the inside.
The evil eye reminds me that everything I say matters, and that I am protected from other's words. The heron to reminds me of what I spiritually believe. The floral designs remind me to be present and see the beauty around me. The symbols of love on my feet remind me that it is in my actions that I show that love.

My little kitten's henna is of a mosquito...sort of a protection from the nasty little things. Hope it works.
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so said...

yo cass
what up?
when are you going back to Utah?
we are have a grand summer in Europe.
on august 11 i'm doing a big swim in utah
please forward this link to your brother and sister swimmers----
sorry i too lazy to email and use you blog as email but this way if any of your utah fans that are swimmers can join the fun august 11th at deer creek 5k and 10k swims in the lake
peace to you sister


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