Thursday, July 12, 2007


I love jumping on a bus and heading downtown to shop or eat or go to the VAG. I love to go to Chinatown and Little India. I love eating into the night at a cafe on Main street. I love riding my bike through the woods of running with my girls and picking berries. I love the west end were our shops are all familiar. I love walking to the village and picking up sushi or to buy groceries and putting them in recycled sacks and carrying them home in a backpack. I love walking through Acadia Park and hearing all of the languages and seeing the stunning outfits of wrapped women. I love so many places in Vancouver but most of all I love the beach. It's the place where I feel the most present.
I love the breeze and the sun (or rain), the sound of lapping waves, the snow capped mountains in view as well as the city across the water. Sitting there yesterday I could see people of every nationality I could name, all together at that moment quietly sharing that feeling of peace. Some of those people were fully dress and some of them almost undressed. There were the very young and the very old. My beautiful girls next to me all content, busy or resting.
It feels like the whole universe is at peace there. I think that's what peace is, it's the feeling that just existing is enough.
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