Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plien Air

My favorite art adventure in Utah was participating in Thanksgiving Point's first Plein Air Festival. “En plein air” (plein is pronounced plain) is a French expression for painting in the open air. I don't really do that. In fact along with my Dad and my sister we sort of cheated and started our paintings ahead of time. My dad signed us up because Gary Smith said it would be fun....it was, despite very warm temperature. We found our place to paint the night before in the secret garden and sneaked in some chairs to save our spot. We sort of look like Teletubbies in that picture, don't we?
Again, James Christensen was the bomb but I was lucky to have my fair share of visitors as well. I even made some new friends, one of which held very still. It was fun to see some of my other artist friends. I heard that my painting was purchased by a charming gentleman. Thanks!
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Laura A said...

That looks like so much fun!

We should be getting better weather here soon in the PNW. June is always cold. I don't remember how long you've been here, but May is always nice and everyone flips out about a drought.

June is cold, and usually wet.

Then mid July - mid October is luscious and it magically turns bitter cold (for here, anyway) by Halloween. It never seems like it will but it happens in a matter of days and then all the groovy spiders die. Right before Halloween.

It seems so wrong to me. I always wish they'd stay another couple of weeks.


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