Saturday, May 26, 2007

If you try to be something that you're not
when Heat and Pressure come to test you
you will be pulverized and burnt.
-David Dory


Michelle, Miko & Madelaine said...

hey cassandra,
great bunko dinner last night, you truly are a hostess with the mostess! I enjoy looking at your website & your works, you are truly gifted, and will be missed here in vancouver!!
and now that I'm living in this area, I will definately be checking out this mexican restaurant!

cassandra said...

Michelle, I'm going to miss you guys! That was a fun party. Throwing dice has never been so raucous...
Do send me pictures of that baby!

cassandra said...

I think the thing I enjoyed most about our bunko group was that because we all came from different places, it wasn't about gossip. It was more like making connections that are universal to women. We all had entertaining stories that overlapped. The laughs, screams and running toward that bell was crazy fun. And, most of you guys are real life vancouverites...not university transplants. Cheers and thanks!


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