Thursday, May 31, 2007

Heart of Stone

When Time addresses heart's restart, when Heart
Speeds mind, and soul bemoans, the smell of Love
Somewhere reblooms, but not inside a heart
Of stone. When freedom flies away above,

When Time slows down, and freedom falls, a soul
Bemoans its heart of stone, unseen by eyes
Of Lover’s light -- it's saddened plight. No whole
Of Time restructures holes. No sweet good-byes

Of earthly Time can stretch to heal a mind
Which dies. In Love’s embrace, the human race
Besmirches Fates of missioned place of Kind,
And soul bemoans it's lack of faith – failing Grace.

When Love stops time, and heart can beat, when Soul
Restarts a heart of stone, Love frees its Goal.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

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