Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cannon Beach

I'll be at Ernst's Collector's Gallery in Cannon Beach Oregon this weekend for the spring unveiling of my show PRIMAVERA. Ernst Gallery was the first to gamble and have a show for me when I began doing prints with The Greenwich Workshop. It was a slow start but after several shows they have built a good market for my work; originals and reproductions. The thing I look forward to the most at my shows there is seeing the friends we've made over the past few years. It's become our favorite family vacation spot, especially because Dan grew up near there. My kids love it because they get pretty spoiled by gallery staff on visits. We always have so much fun at parties on beach, the arcade with Don and Becky and Reed's family, lots of good food and hanging out with old and new friends at the gallery. We've met some of the coolest people ever there. One of my favorite nights was with the Geri and Teri singing and playing the guitar into the night, watching the sunset on the beach. Fun times!

The show is May 4th and 5th. If I knew how to add a link, I'd link this to the gallery and The Greenwich Workshop to show which prints are available, but I'm not that advanced in my blogging skills. The originals that will be at the show are on my website,

Also this weekend is the opening of The Spring Salon in Springville, Utah. It's a show I try never to miss because it's...I don't know what words to use, but I came from there and it's where the people in my art community show their work and it's good to be a part of that.

And also this weekend is the opening of the Masterpieces in Miniature show at The Gallery At Picture This in Alberta Canada. I have two small works represented there.


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ChrisC said...

Nice Cass-thanks for the heads up on the spring salon-i think R and i will check that out-will you guys be here for that?


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