Monday, May 14, 2007


Nina Cochran of is brilliant. I take hundreds of photos; photos just about everyday but only a handful are even worth keeping. Nina however must have some spell on her camera or maybe she's the greek goddess with the gift of seeing and snapping and capturing....good stuff.
She came to visit us this past week and we so enjoyed having her in our home. There is something so nice about longtime friends who have grown with you. I have been reading the Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. I just finished the chapter about relationships. About how there are many types of relationships, but the ones that last are the ones based on true, genuine feeling. The relationships where you feel you have connectedness. I feel that for so many of my friends.

I do love to have lots of pictures because it seems like to have a visual image helps me to keep that memory. Photo-abilia? Is that a thing?

Nina gave us something priceless. She documented our life in Vancouver. She didn't take formal pictures, but pictures that were about our environment and lifestyle. That is the best gift I can think of, sharing her talent just because.

She also bravely tried all of the things we wanted to share that are unique to our life here including Poutine, Bubble-Tea, and even a little taste of fish. Thanks 9a.
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