Wednesday, March 28, 2007


If my house was burning down and my family was safe I'd run though flames to save my sketchbooks. I've made these visual journals, along with the rest of my family, since I was a little girl. My sketchbook is the place where I can safely explore and record my ideas. I can write and draw spontaneously and directly with lots of mistakes and do-overs. These books are just for me to see. In December my husband said that I was like that guy in the movie Memento because I really do forget a lot so I have to write things down or save little pieces of things. Anyway...this drawing is an idea I am working out about cupid in the primavera series. The woman has her back turned, exposed, vulnerable. I'm trying to decided is she's submissive or asking for it or resisting. Maybe cupid should throw knives instead of shooting arrows. I'm starting this painting today.
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Jill said...

I know how you feel. It's crazy that you wrote about sketchbooks today, because I am mourning the loss of my latest one. I can't find it anywhere, and I'm sick everytime I think about it.

cassandra said...

Jill! So what are you working on?


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