Saturday, June 30, 2012


 At her memorial, people talked her intelligence and accomplishments, among other things. She was amazing, but when I think of Anne, I think of her laugh. I would go to extremes to get her to laugh.  I would propose outrageous stunts... Anne would burst out with her happy laugh.
My Aunt Lorelie reminded me that around twenty years ago, when I didn't know Anne as well, we were gathered as a family for some event and there was a big mud hole in my aunt's backyard. I'm not sure what the mud hole was there for, my aunt's yard is very nice. Anyway, my younger siblings were all playing in it and without thinking, I picked Anne up, like a wrestler, up over my head, and dropped her in the mud. The whole family waited for her reaction before bursting into hysterical laughter. Thank goodness she laughed. Yale grad. ballerina thought I was funny! It started there.
I love her and I'll miss her. But I honestly believe that we will have more laughs. I love her family too and I know that she knows that we will take care of them.

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