Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 I have been hypnotized by the sun. I'm serious.
I start my morning with a list of things I need to accomplish that day. When I have a list I'm not stressed worrying if I am supposed to be doing something else. I pick a task off of my list that works with the time I have and I prepare whatever it is that I need, to accomplish that task. For instance, if I have a set of drawings I am working on, I tidy up my studio space, lay out my sharpened drawing utensils and then...all of a sudden, I find that I am outside. It's so strange. So I go back into the house and sit down to draw. Then, I'm outside again. So I think, duh, go draw outside. So I set up on the patio and then...my hands are in dirt trying to find weeds.
It's not just drawing, it's anything. The sun has hypnotized me and the dirt has control of my fingers.
What to do....
 I'll set up or build anything anybody wants in the backyard. It keeps my hands out of the dirt for a few minutes anyway.
 I'm much more enthusiastic about attending sporting events in the sunshine.
 My best mother's day moment was spent with my whole family, cuddled up on a fluffy down mattress and a pile of pillows, outside, in the sun.
 My garden is a my little heaven. I can't stay away.
 I just want to be there every minute, whether I have time or not. Hypnotized for sure.

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