Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break

Days: 6
Miles: 2,245
States: 4
Countries: 2
Happiest Moment: My kittens presented me with a trophy (actually it was the top of the bedpost from our fancy hotel bed) for excellence in navigation and safe driving. It's true, I was amazing, I didn't hit any pedestrians or get lost, but most importantly, they noticed. I did put my trophy back if you are wondering.
Saddest Moment: Driving over the Burrard Bridge, knowing we had to leave Vancouver because we love that city so much.
Funniest moment: Accidentally using the unidentifiable accent we had been speaking with in the car after eight hours of driving on the guy who was pumping our gas in Oregon.
Favorite Food: Bubble Tea, steamed pork buns in China Town and fresh Litchi fruit.
Favorite place: Spanish Banks and The Art Garden in Moses Lake.
Favorite Person: Our friend Laura Mayer (Lala) in Moses Lake, WA.
Most Patriotic: Singing to the Hope of America CD as we crossed the border. We made up our own actions which wasn't so funny to Littlest Kitten. The Border Crossing Patrol guard didn't think we were funny either.

We had so much fun. This road trip exceeded even my over-enthusiastic expectations. After many, many hours on the road, there was still happiness and laughter. We shared memories and we made new ones. We got to visit people and places we love and feel the closeness of being a family. I could have kept on going.

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