Friday, April 6, 2012

Work Hours

 For the past five years, I have generally spent my days working in the studio while my kittens were at school. That's an average of five work hours, five days a week, uninterrupted work time. It's enough time to get into the zone before I return to life with my family.

This year, however, I don't think I've had more than a handful of days where I worked for five hours straight since fall. Surprisingly, I don't regret that I've been spending more time with motherhood demands. I say demands when really I know it's a choice.

Not having as much work time, I was a little excited to have a couple of days this week where every family member was engaged in one thing or another for a lot of hours. I got to work and I kept working and then... I started to listen for them, feeling a little lonely for the happy chaos of my life.
I guess what I realised is that where I used to envy my dad for being able to spend so many hours working guilt-free in the studio, I might just love my chaotic, interrupted work time even more.
I love being their mom and I want to be where my feet are right in this moment while I still have them around.

 We are in a new season and it's beautiful.

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Robin said...

Thank you, you explained what you are feeling so well! I recently (right before I met you at the LDS International Art Comp. opening) quit my part time job at a nursing home to paint "full" time. I too craved hour upon hour of uninterrupted painting time and have been wondering why I am having trouble settling in to it. You helped me realize that No, I don't have an attention deficit problem, I just love being a wife and mother too much to neglect them in any way. So while they're at home, I'll paint "part" time and Love it!


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