Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flannel Board Finish

I delivered my flannel board artwork to the museum today. There sure were a lot of technical details I had to figure out for this project. Whoa. I ended up stitching the bigger pieces (above) into place so that the whole thing wouldn't fall off. I might want to tack more items down. I can't decide.

I included all of these pieces, but not to put on the flannel board all at once...probably.

I couldn't figure out how to include more information with the artwork. I wanted to share the symbolism of the objects and why I chose them. Dan Barney suggested I make a little book that could be displayed with the flannel board.
It's sort of like leaving a sketchbook out for everyone to look at...because that is what I'm doing. I wrote personal notes and didn't worry too much about trying to make the drawings polished and finished. I'm very daring.
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Tonya said...

Love, love, love it -- and love you and your never ceasing amazing creativity. Can't wait to take my girls to the museum when it is displayed.

emily said...

SO SUPER COOL! And way daring. The book is absolutely beautiful, and amazing. I want to be just like you, big sister.

Cassandra Barney said...

Thanks Tonya! Thanks Em!


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