Friday, September 2, 2011

Primary Artwork

On my mantel sits this little collage I did of the Kirtland Temple for sharing time in primary. My friend Andi suggested I spend a year doing primary artwork. Wouldn't that be interesting.
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emily said...

That would be interesting. I do lots of coloring sheets and puppets and things for my class. We could make a book... I'm in ideas mode, it can be a dangerous thing. I had Christmas solved in August! Between Halloween, birthdays, blessing, and christmas projects, I have a lot of work to do! Wish we could project together!!

Emily said...

Oh, I second the motion—I love your art and I love Primary. Put the two together and SHAZZAM!!

Melody said...

Cool art. I was in Utah in March and almost got to come to one of your shows you had at someone's house. I was so close to actually meeting you, but things got crazy that night with family activities and I couldn't make it. When you mention your friend Andi, you're not talking about Andi Davis are you? If so, which would make perfect sense that you are friends with her, she was my roommate for a while. You've mentioned Andi in the past and I've wondered if it is the same amazing gal. Thanks for blogging and letting us have a peak at your awesomeness. Melody


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