Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Fast and Furious

A couple of weeks ago, Sari, Kim and I had a Fast and Furious marathon to refresh before the big day. I would like to take a second right now to say that I don't condone fast and furious behavior. I really just have a weakness for action car movies.

We really had to do a little stunt of our own following the best movie ever, Fast and Furious 5. We live our lives...a quarter mile at a time.

When we heard Vin's voice, we all three let out a little squeal. And when we saw Han, we all ached a little, knowing what his future held in Tokyo Drift. Not a phone call more, not a bullet less.

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Bart's Rebecca said...

Lol, you're hilarious! Hey, Paul Walker was in my stake growing up. I wasn't friends with him (he's a few years older than me) but his mom was one of my girl's camp leaders & now she's in my parent's ward. She's pretty much the coolest lady ever. ;)

Cassandra Barney said...

Twins and Paul Walker?! You are the luckiest girl ever!!!!!!


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