Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Heart Art

Organisation is of the utmost importance in the studio right now. There are paintings and drawings in different designated areas of the studio for eight different shows. Some of those shows have several pieces, some only one big one and some are drawings. I've added extra painting hours to my regular daily work schedule and I do research at night. I can't keep up this pace forever but oh how I enjoy it!
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Trishelle said...

What a great way to be anxiously engaged this winter!! I love that studio shot. It makes me so happy! If I had to describe your studio in one word, it would be harmony.

Every time I've been there or have seen pics of it, it's arrayed with color and life yet, is balanced and harmonic...certainly a great place to receive inspiration and connection with the pieces your working on. Good luck with the shows!! I have no doubt you'll rock the house!!


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