Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Graces

I was surprised and excited that Greenwich Workshop is printing a limited edition giclee of Three Graces. I was surprised because it's not a new painting and excited because I love it and it looks good in print. I painted it in a series inspired by Boticelli's painting, Primavera.

The first figure is Faith with a little seed growing from her heart. Faith is like a little seed...get it? Then Pandora has a box at her side which of course contains hope. Last there is Charity, wearing her apron, ready to get to work.

Now I hope what I am about to write doesn't ruin the painting for anyone but I have to admit that when my dad saw it he said, "who t.p.ed (toilet papered) Faith, Hope and Charity?"
The white ribbons, not toilet paper, symbolize, like a white flag, surrender. I wanted to communicate the idea of surrendering to faith, hope and charity and thus finding happiness.

Ya, I'm pretty deep. Sometimes it's easier to explain than other times. Sometimes it also comes across easier than other times.
I do think the print is lovely and I want one to hang in my house.

1 comment:

amy said...

I want one. I love it and I like the ribbons even more since unc thought they were tp :)

love you.


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