Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Power to Inspire

Art can be a conduit for inspiration. I've felt it and I've been the recipient of the gratitude for other's inspiration. But what about crafts? In my life, time is valuable and I'm critical about how I use it. In fact, if I were to define personal success, I wouldn't mention artistic accomplishments, rather I would equate it to how well my time was/is used. To waste the precious time I have on frivolities seems downright sinful. So if Lala is at my house and we want to spend some time creating outside of our occupational realms, can it still be meaningful? I had a blast sewing up our family of witches for over the fireplace. Surely my kittens aren't conscious of it, but maybe at some level the details of our home can reinforce family unity.
I love little witches.
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Laura Mayer said...

Nothing better than some creative play in a medium we both don't normally use....loved making wiches with you. How fun was that!

mer said...

love that quilted piece!


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