Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am an artist and I can't help myself, these ideas just come to me. I thought...wouldn't it be cool if they painted their outfits.
Now as you can imagine, that could have been a big disaster. I'll admit that they did a better job that I had anticipated with just enough paint and just enough color.
Austin made these super cool duct tape flowers which even matched their outfits. There are some moments where I feel like I'm living in a dream, this was one of them. They had fun and that's the very best part.
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Anonymous said...

Duct tape flowers! That kid is awesome!

Alice Wills Gold said...

loving the duct tape flowers. My girls just learned how to make those too.

I am just curious as to where the birds on the outfits come in?

Was that a tribute to mockinjay?


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