Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I think what makes this event different and more special than any other is that there is always an unplanned element that happens. Someone has a crazy idea and then someone else gets excited and adds to that idea and pretty soon those someones are duct taping, hot gluing and stabilising large fireworks. Special affects, especially one's with a slight amount of danger involved are very exciting.

I want to note that I did insist on taking precious measures. I collected and tested three fire extinguishers and had them ready in various locations. It's a must when lighting fireworks indoors. I did feel a certain amount of responsibility, especially to the band which were located directly below our grand finale firework spectacular.

Prior to the show I assured the band that they could trust me, that I would be their ready if any of them were to burst into flames. I think they were a bit nervous until they saw my hat.

I had to lay the smack down a few times. Kids will be kids!

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