Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Garden Report

Oh man I LOVE my little beans! They are so cute! No wonder I have a tendency to over water, I want to go check on them every few minutes! Dan Barney has been doing the same with his crops over at the community garden. He check them a lot. Who knew that something so slow could be so exciting.
I planted these really pretty yin/yang beans. I don't know what I'll do with them but they look cool.
This summer is, so far, different from any other. Usually, as a family we try to leave summer open, to play and work in the sun. I'm a believer in not over-scheduling kids, but for some reason, I'm running from lesson, to camp, to practice, to workshop, to game and then running some more. It's all good stuff but it's different. The nice part is that we seem to be doing a lot of stuff together, watching kitten's softball game or practicing for this or that as a family. I love these people that I live with and no matter what we are doing, I'm glad that we're doing it together.
I'm painting in between, whenever I can, but I haven't found my groove yet. I'm working on it!

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