Thursday, June 17, 2010


I wore my boots on the airplane. I really wanted to play cowgirl, which Lala gets to do whenever she wants. She drives a red truck and has horses along with being an artist. How cool is that!
The first night we were in Ephrata, I begged and pleaded to go visit Max. He's a huge horse! She ran him around for a while to calm him down then Lala handed me the whip and let me practice giving him commands (until I almost whipped her, then she took back the whip.)
Then she let me ride him. I LOVED it. Max was a little confused because he hadn't ever been ridden by anyone else before and I was giving him wacky signals but he was so good. I just kept patting him because he was so sweet.
It was a beautiful night and there was even a rainbow, like we were in Narnia. It was that fun.
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Mendy said...

These pictures are pure eye candy. What do you shoot with?

Cassandra Barney said...

I used my phone. Crazy eh?


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