Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Maybe it was because I've been immersed in ideas of motherhood that made this Mother's Day so full of sweetness. My heart was all swelled up to aching with love for my kittens and gratitude for my own mom. For me, more that even Christmas, Mother's Day is a day when I am aware and thankful for what I have and get to keep.
(above artwork by Middle Kitten)

I keep wanting to post the exvotos that I did for the show at Heritage Gallery but hesitate because my photos are so not as professional as the ones Nina took. I'm going to post a couple anyway. I feel oddly close to the people who sent stories. Again, thanks for sharing.

My mother kindly gave me her grandmother's rocking chair. I suddenly felt the a surge of support, buoyed up by all of my mothers, way, way back who are a part of who I am and whose live were not so different from mine.

She is very beautiful.
She gave us her most precious gift; her time.
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