Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lovely Stacy

How dreamy would it be if your husband flew you out to Cannon Beach for your birthday weekend? Then, when you walked in to a gallery to see the show of an artist who's work you collect, she says she wants to show you something and unveils an artwork that is a painting of YOU. And everyone who happens to be in the gallery at the time shares in this great moment, tearing up and cheering.

It really happened. It was just like a movie. Rick and Stacy should, in my opinion, replace Ken and Barbie. They are that perfect.
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Mendy said...

That rocks and so do you. My mom told me (through her choked up voice) that the exvoto was the best Mother's Day gift ever.
How exciting to be part of the art you love.

dangerseven said...

And how awesome is it that such a talented and well respected artist such as yourself would do so much to make Stacy's birthday the most wonderful and memorable event. It is really, very awesome. Thanks for all you did, all you do, and the wonderful paintings that change our sterile white walls into eye candy.

Laura A said...

Wonderful story. It looks like it was a fabulous party!


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