Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Originals available at Heritage Gallery
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Robyn said...

Oh Cass, I wish I could buy every single one of these, they are beautiful! I look forward to some fantastic videos when you get back :). I have those sketch books for you when you have time, maybe after your trip. Good luck on your show!

sandra said...

hi, what a magical's by sandra

The Vintage Sister said...

beautiful!! i love the last one with the three dancers:) good luck!!

emily said...

Good luck! Have fun! Wish I could come with you!!

so said...

i get a lot of bad advice about my filmmaking
from nice people
so in that tradition
I though I would give you some bad advice
"you should do a painting with a woman holding a chains----maybe a whole series of woman with power tools"
the advice is free


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