Monday, April 26, 2010

...and why wouldn't we have an ojo de dios on our pea trellis?

I can't take the credit for this brilliant idea, it was middle kitten's. I kept texting her while I was constructing the trellis, bragging about tools and architecture, trying to lure her out to share in the fun and glory of building in the sun. Finally she came out, looked at my near masterpiece and said, "you should weave a god's eye on top," then turned around and went back to what she was doing (homework). Just like that; clever and very sassy. Incidentally, I was reprimanded later by both older kittens for disturbing their studies via texts.
Pom-poms might make good bird nest material.
While I was on my building spree, I thought it would be nice if my cutest, yummiest, sweetheart little nephew had a path from his gate into the garden.
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