Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Art is Fun

What would you write about string? Minnie niece kitten wrote her beautiful words.
Each time I went to see the dancers on BYU campus last week, I packed my car full of kittens and had spontaneous art adventures.

We were extra lucky that Pam Bowman was there with her artwork. It's mobile so keep your eyes out for the art truck/van. Right now it's in front of the MoA.

In Gallery 303 there was an installation that's pretty cool, Beauty for Ashes. The best part was that from the BF Larsen Gallery we could watch people inside the installation.

I was curious if my kittens would behave so I middle kitten and I spied. They danced. Duh! They just danced and it was pretty to watch. I didn't think to take pictures until they were done. We spied several university students touching the artwork, funny!

The dancers (Sarah, Emily and Brooklyn) were beautiful. The performances in the HFAC were so Fame. People stopped and enjoyed. I loved it.

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