Monday, October 5, 2009

My computer needs a new motherboard. It's alright, I can check my email on my phone. My sister Sari said the other day that, "a phone is not a computer." I said she was right, a phone is not a computer, it's a best friend
My phone doesn't, however, have the images I need for my presentation for the Women's Research Institute later this week. I'm excited for this presentation. I'm fascinated by issues related to femininity. There are so many topics I'd like to address and discuss. My lecture is titled, Self Determination, a Blessing and a Burden. I want to talk about consequences, delusions, and opportunities. I have a lot to say and really I wish it was a lecture series in which each of the topics I want to address could be dissected and discussed. 

FedX just dropped off an envelope from Wendy at The Greenwich Workshop with a disc of images for my lecture. Whew!  I wanted to hug that FedX lady but she seemed a little frightened of my scary halloween pajamas. Thank goodness Greenwich Workshop photographs my work and thank goodness for Wendy! All I needed was my best friend phone after all. 

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