Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The Barneys are a 'no pet family'. We've been preaching that for the past four years or so.
It all happened so fast, 'no pet family' to having another child in the house. He/she is a Quaker Parrot and belongs mainly to teen-kitten. Quakers are smart and very entertaining. Seriously, I keep calling it 'our baby' because it is. Fern takes naps, wants a schedule and snacks, cuddles and songs. He/she (we may never know but we think it's a boy) is only four months old and tries to talk but hasn't quite made any intelligible words yet. We're working on it.
I have always wanted a bird to keep me company in the studio. It's so....Frida.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is. Viva la Vida, little bird!

Nigel said...

canary in the coal mine?

aBfife said...

Oh don't even get me started on Frida's birds! Maybe when I am done having babies, I too will have a smart bird on my shoulder! Green with envy here.


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