Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fall Schedule

Dan Barney is going to take my computer in tomorrow for maintenance so I thought I'd better post some info. on my fall schedule. I'll be at Education Week at BYU on August 19 and 20 f0r a few hours. Then I'll be at Boardman Gallery in Youngstown, Ohio August 21 for an evening show and then teaching a workshop the next day, August 22. Ooooh that will be fun!

I'm in a show at Blue Gallery in Kansas City opening September 4. It's a portrait invitational. It's a show I'd like to see but I don't think I'll have time to get out there.

Then I'm thinking that maybe I will do a show at Heritage Gallery in Cannon Beach. I'm finishing up some originals for that show now. The show will be September 11, 12, 13. Why not?! I haven't visited Cannon Beach for so long. I hope to see a whole bunch of people coming out for that show.

After that is Walled Gardens at Art Access in Salt Lake with my dad and sister Emily. The opening for that show is September 18.

Then last but not least, Works on Paper at Greenwich's Seymour gallery. The opening will be October 17. Works on paper are being very exciting to me. I love these paintings I posted. I'm in studio heaven.
There are a few other things happening here and there which I'll try to remember to post. To all friends who can't seem to get through via phone to me... I apologize, but I had to take the phones out of the studio. I have a couple more weeks to get all artwork ready so I'm not coming out of the studio until then. When I do, I might be a little confused and have a lot of paint in my hair, but it will be worth it.
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pamela said...

good luck on all the shows. i hope you get to cannon beach - it is one of my favorite places!

HiddenRidgeArt said...

Hi Cassie - keep us posted on whether you'll be in Cannon Beach. Do you know if the show pieces for you, Emily and your father for Walled Gardens at Art Access will be displayed on the web?

P.S. - working on getting my plane ticket to CT now.


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