Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I made this badminton net...sort of for the kittens. Mostly they just think it's funny. I think it's clever.
I still think my camera is the greatest, and my nephew too.
We are having A LOT of parties. This one's going to be GOOD because I bought Noxzema. It's smells nice.
I have lots of memories of swimming in my grandparent's pool as a kid. We'd swim with our cousins almost every afternoon while my while our parents watched, talked and drank TAB. Now my kittens swim with their cousins and I love it, I've just got to find some TAB.
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Kat said...

cuz, go get the case of TAB my folks have....nobody will drink it!

Zack said...

TAB! I love Tab. Last I checked, Days Market had it...

jennie said...

Love that tummy on the bottom pic! I think I need to kiss it! The "Beauty School" invite is THE BEST.


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