Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth of July

The teams were picked and the games began. We quickly bonded with our team members as we raced and took our quiz. One of the best things about this party each year is that everybody is involved, kids and adults. We laugh, play and work together. We all help a little in creating the event, but it's Aunt Lorelie who gets the credit for making it the best day of the year.
Being the 50th anniversary of Hawaii becoming a state, naturally it became the theme of this year's party. My favorite party event was 'So you think you can dance hula?!' Each team had fifteen minutes to create a hula dance which we then performed. My mom was such a lovely dancer.
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JethRobyn said...

Is that coach Andrus I see in the last picture in the background?? It looks like you guys had another awesome 4th of July party. Jethro and I decided we would like to be flies on the wall during your parties. We don't want to intrude, we just would love to observe the fun :)


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