Sunday, July 5, 2009

Following the introduction, prayer and pledge, a special guest arrived. He came with lights blazing down the street. The Governor of Utah came our Cul-de-sac of Fire. Awesome!
We felt pretty cool. He gave a nice speech and then sat on the lawn chairs we had roped off in hope that would bring is lovely wife and enjoy our show.
We had a loud and impressive fly-over and then a blimp. A blimp that was full of candy. Yipee!

Then the parade began with our own precision-drill-Trek-mod squad.
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pamela said...

this is for sure the coolest celebration of america i have ever seen.

a blimp filled with candy?! i love it.

lynette said...

Thanks for all the fun, it was such an honor. A celebration to remember. I have a claim to fame, Ms. Firecracker 2009 I will try to live up to my new title.


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