Sunday, July 5, 2009

A few sets of fireworks and then the Bonus Brothers took the stage. In no less than 20 seconds there were screaming teen kittens bouncing around the stage. These boys were not only handsome, their moves were pretty smooth too. I wanted to rush the stage myself but after all those high kicks I didn't know if I'd make it. I might have to go across the street and get an autograph later.
A few more fireworks and then our last surprise. The Carmen Rasmusen of American Idol sang the National Anthem acapella. I tell ya, it was amazing. It was the perfect ending to the best culdesac of fire ever.

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cathyg said...

Best cul de sac of fire so far! Thanks for asking our family to join in the fun! The Christensens and Lees know how to think of fun things! You all are inspiring!

jenny l p said...

Holy crap! This sucker is increasing exponentially every year! Next year my company might have to put in a bid for the fireworks part of the show! We could shoot from the park. And since they just killed the Sugarhouse July 4th show....well....we might be a wee bit bored! :)


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