Friday, June 26, 2009

At 7:00 a.m. my sister Sari sent me a text, asking if we were still going on our bike ride at 7:30. Ya, I replied, I'll get out of bed and go biking in the rain if we call it our 'memorial to Michael Jackson ride.' Oh and it was that indeed. We picked up our friend Laura Ann and my mom and dad and headed out around the lake. I even belted a medley of MJ tunes.
Even my mom shed a little tear...or her eyes were watering, I thought it insensitive to ask.
Biking is one of my very favorite parts of summer. It feels so good. Tomorrow we're doing a tribute to Farrah. I've got a plan and I'm going to call my sisters right now to tell them about it.
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A Little Sass said...

You forgot the part about how it started to sprinkle .. and we just know it was the angels crying for MJ on our MJ Memorial Ride!

Live on MJ .. live on!

Me said...

What about Ed McMahon?

Side note: Seriously bummed about missing everyone for the 4th. The hubster thinks this year is "his". Whatev. I'll get my revenge.

P.S. You're totally ripped. I'm so jealous.

Love you.

Angela Henrie said...

You DEFINATELY need to do paintings for your girls for their birthdays. It's something they'll treasure forever and ever.

Sue Ann said...

You all are so "All American" and I DO note the cul de sac looks prepared for the "Cul de Sac of FIRE". Yes, your Mother can be very emotional.........bless her heart........


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