Saturday, August 2, 2008

After all of that passionate painting this week, I put down my brushes and picked up a pencil. I think I needed to recover. Actually I have several pieces due soon for miniature shows. I try to keep up with as many of these shows as I can because it's a good way of having originals in galleries who normally don't carry my work.
It's a little awkward to go from really big to really small so I've been doing some drawing. I'm interested in trying to paint some of these animal headed women. The images seem pretty rich as far as content goes but...the painting that I've done so far looks a like I'm doing work for a fairy tale book or something. Odd...I'll keep at it this week.
What I'm working on in the studio, as usual, becomes part of my everyday experiences. I saw these goats and they totally modeled for me like they wanted to be painted. They stood right up like people and stared at me. Oooh that just gave me a spooky chill.

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Deanna said...

Okay, the goats are kind of freaky. I don't think I'll sleep well tonight.

I love the picture of you in your studio--you look too beautiful sitting there surrounded by all your pretty things.

Cassandra Barney said...

Scary goats. You should get one to stand on your car.
You're too nice..but a blushing thank you to you.


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