Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tonight I tried a new trapping technique. I put a big piece of white drawing paper under each of my endangered plants and then...shook the plants. The earwigs fell onto the paper and were easy to see and smash. I got some smaller ones that I might have missed.

I usually hunt with a partner. It's safer that way. She mostly talks while I pulverize. It's been a very bonding activity. The garden has been a nice place for interaction this summer. We're planting and growing seeds together, and that's the sweetest fruit of all. Speaking of that, yes I have been in the studio everyday working on this rather large Tree of Life painting for the show with my dad and sister this fall. I'll post it soon. It's been a challenging painting because it's quite complicated in design as well as concept. I've changed the composition several times and I only stuck with it because of my dad and Dan Barney pointing out it's potential. I do enjoy the challenge. The painting I get to work on next is even bigger and my heart beats faster just thinking about it. Oh how I love my job.
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Mark Robison said...

will soapy water kill earwigs? i know it kills aphids and ants.

Gritty Pretty said...

I love your job too. oliver and i were just discussing who we thought had the BEST career. And we agreed that it's you.

Cassandra Barney said...

Hey Mark, I thought about soap too. I might try it. Do you have a garden over there? My dad and I have been riding by your house early in the morning.

Cassandra Barney said...

Quellicious- Thanks. I love my job so much it's spooky. Don't want to jinx it. You and Oliver have the same job I do...highfive! This morning I was in the studio early and there was a breeze and I could hear birds and I sat down and squirted out my paints and I felt that happy excitement and I made a little happy, quiet screaming noise in my throat.

Mark Robison said...

hi cassie, no, no garden over here (since i'm color blind, i have a brown thumb instead of a green one.) but i have used soapy water to kill bugs around the house, inside and out. btw, i love your new painting, but what's with the big board behind the painting on the easel?


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