Sunday, July 13, 2008

New youtube

The sign said, "No Carts."
NO CARTS! My dad...he totally drove the cart in there. Nothing bad happened but that sort of set the tone for our Plein Air Painting experience. I just posted the video on youtube. Please, no comments on my appearance. Yes, I know my hair is parted in the middle but it was hot and I didn't know at the time. I put photos of some fun people that we visited with. Enjoy the show.
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JethRobyn said...

Cass, that was great. I couldn't do it. Are you going to see Andrew Bird this Thursday in SLC? Free at the Gallavin Ctr downtown. I'll look for you. -jethro
Robyn says that the earwigs deserved it.

Kayla said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that your work is very beautiful! My mom is a big fan and we had the pleasure of seeing your work, your sister's and your dad's while in the Seaside Oregon area and it was fantastic. Even more better in person!


Teresa said...

You two are just adorable and talented and pretty funny too. :)



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