Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little more about that...

Our Fourth of July Festivities are a highly organized event, from the food to the games to the decorations. I was just reading my sister Sari's blog and I loved it and I thought I must add my teams fabulous entries in Project Runway and Ace of Cakes.
Ally modeled our teams 'Miss Culdesac of Fire' gown. She was stunning. We didn't win though. I actually have never been on a winning team in all these years. Our trophy only has room for two more winning teams on it. That's two years and my sister Em (who has also never been on a winning team) threw out the idea that maybe we should go for it and 'shoot the duck' as they say.
Our cake was a true to scale model of the culdesac of fire. It didn't win either. It was so good too. I wonder if the judges were accepting bribes.
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Lisa said...

You were robbed!!!


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