Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lizzy House

Following my college graduation (pre-teaching) I didn't really have a plan or a vision about my career. I knew what I loved to do but I didn't know how exactly to apply it all.

I'm amazed when I meet somebody like Lizzy House who is starting her post-college year with a bang. I met Lizzy when I was in Idaho the past weekend. Lizzy studied printmaking with Carla Jimison. Lucky her that she did because all of what she studied got her ready to do what she is doing.

Above is a picture of Lizzy's top secret new work. She is designing fabric for Andover Fabrics. How cool is that! You an read her blog at lizzyhouse. Her designs are very cool. I'm excited to see that fabric. Below is one of her etchings. Nice.

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LizzyHouse said...

thank you! It was soo good to meet you and Dan. Come visit again soon!

alysha said...

how funny I just found you through Wade and Kath's blog. I didn't even know you knew them. I guess I should have guessed, you seem to know everyone.
I'm excited to keep up with you and your art here! thank you for sharing.


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