Sunday, June 1, 2008

Garden Dresses

They all stop when they walk by on their evening strolls. She told me that her grandmother wore garden dresses just like I do. She said it with warmth and longing, like it was a sweet memory. Her daughter said that I need wooden clogs and a goose. They asked me about the peanuts and about my mounding technique for growing potatoes.

I do wear garden dresses. I have a few that I like to work in. I like it when what I'm feeling on the inside is reflected on the outside. Clothes can be good that way. Garden dresses are a little more delicate and careful. I feel like that in my garden. I feel very nurturing toward these little baby plants.

I love this time of year, reconnecting with the world outside, the earth and all of the things that live on it. It seems like growing a garden is a metaphor for everything I know right now.

One of those metaphors is that with everything that lives, it is all in motion, and all of it is temporary so I try to remember everyday to see my the flowers and the plants. I looked at each of the poppies tonight, so pretty and delicate. They will be gone soon but I get to enjoy them today. It's the same with my kittens and all of everyone and everything around me.

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1 comment:

batty said...

You are such a cute "Little Mary Sunshine" in your garden dresses!
Wish I could touch the poppies - they scare me, but I love them anyway!


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