Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's time to paint

The sign on my studio door warns, "Beware of Flying Brushes." Earl Grenville Killeen

I'm holding tightly to my brushes, don't worry. Since Cannon Beach, I'm been a little whirlwind, spinning from one thing to the next until I was too tired to even think about painting...until today. I've spent my time this last week catching up with business and scheduling, gardening and I redecorated my kitten's bedrooms. All of that was great but I can tell when it's time to get back to work's time. Today I worked on paintings that were already in progress. I painted a really cool swan. Ya. I have a list of new paintings that I get to start and it's a big list so now that I'm warmed up, I'm going to gesso tomorrow and get to it. The smell of fresh gesso makes my mouth water and my hands sweaty...delicious. How is a girl to sleep with this much excitment?
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lala said...

you are living the dream...can't wait to see what you come up this time...

JethRobyn said...

If you need a model for anything I'll come and pose :) Linc will too, except i can't guarantee that he will sit still. Is there anywhere online we can look up your paintings from the cannon beach show? I would really love to see them.

Cassandra Barney said...

Robyn (pracitcally my daughter in law) I might take you up on the modeling offer.
I should post the Cannon Beach paintings in an easier, simple way. For now they are all throughout the other blog,

Lala- I love this dream we're liv'n.


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