Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here I am, just now, washing the last of the dishes from our first meal outdoors this year. I wash each of the serving dishes with extra care because I love all of the bowls that we've collected over the years. I'm drinking tea and I feel my tired hands from pulling weeds and the warmth that the sun left in my skin. I'm thinking about how nice it is, living here in the compound (on the same street as my parents and brother) because we get to share our lives.

I'm thinking about how strange it is, all of these shifts that take place. I mean, sometimes I think that where I am is not a place I will be leaving because I've landed. But after every landing there is always another take-off.

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The Petersons said...

The compound. You are hilarious!

Kat said...

I loved reading Saturday's posts today. Should be doing my lesson, but enjoying your super sweet thoughts way more.

jennie said...

I've enjoyed 2 BBQ's within a week here on the compound. I love the food, love the company, and love that I'm not in charge! Dan and Pete make a great grilling combo, especially when there is dessert involved! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely beautiful! It is warming up at last! We live in a compound of sorts, too, with my in-laws, sister in law, her in laws and my brother and sister in law not to far away. Makes me wish the Wards were closer!


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