Saturday, April 19, 2008


This may not look like much, but it really is. I planted my first seeds today. This whole gardening thing is really feeling good to me. I even found myself humming while I worked, and that only happens when I'm really contented.
I planted some little tiny plants too. I made sure that everything was nice for them and it they where attached a bit in the pack I made sure that they were planted near by their friends.
I have a question, does anybody know where I could get some seeds to plant peanuts and soy beans?
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Kat said...

The Utah State University Extension might be able to tell you. I always called them about my yard questions...when I had a yard. :(

Here's their number in the Provo office: 801-851-8460

Anonymous said...

If you find out about the soybeans, I'd love to know, too!

Nicholas said...

You'll want to check with your nearest garden center. I just called one of the ones where I grew up and they sell soybean seeds in small quantities. (Which is probably good, 'cause I'm sure you weren't planning to plant a whole crop of 'em!)

Good luck! That sounds fun.


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