Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day Trip

I love playing explorer girl in the desert. How come I didn't even know about Goblin Valley?! What else is in Utah that I don't know about? This place was so delightfully odd. My dad and I were saying that if we painted it, it would look pretty silly. I wish I had a video of my dad climbing onto that was funny.

The above photo is my brother Peter. Just like when we were kids we jumped, climbed and played in the dirt. I even got about into the car with a pocket full of rocks. It's strange to think that at this time last year, I was anxious and stressed, not knowing if we should move back to Utah or not.

Today, my family and I were getting ready to go on a bike ride and we saw this big ginny fowl sitting on our neighbor's porch. It was so pretty. We were mischievously trying to figure out how to let it into their house when they opened the door and scared it. Then we noticed there were three hawks circling over us...strange. Then we saw some little finch at a feeder on our other neighbor's tree. Then I listened to my favorite, the quail and the doves. As we rode out bikes around doing mini stunts and looking at all of the blossoming trees, I felt all swelled up with happy and calm. Another neighbor even gave us cookies.

It feels good to be here. I'm looking forward to lots of things and I'm also feeling happy here in the present. The sun is part of that happy too.


emily said...

Stop it, you're gonna make me cry. Wish I could come and play with you.

Cassandra Barney said...

Little Sister- You'll be here soon and I'm going to help dad get his studio in order so we can paint for a month and we'll have concentrated fun.
Can you bring your bike?
Love you, Hun

The Petersons said...

Stop it, you're gonna make me cry! Wish I could come play with you! At least we have the 4th... (Sorry, dont have a bike...) :-)

Cassandra Barney said...

Everybody quit crying. Shhhhh.....
Chan...we were talking about 3 arch bay in the car on the way home from Goblin Valley. Uhoh...tears are welling up right now....sniff.

pamo said...

ya this is like one of the coolest, undiscovered places in utah. a dream for kids.

emily said...

All right, I'll stop already. Heck yes I'll bring my bike. Just don't do anything fun until I get there.


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