Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Shout Out to Jon and Merrilee

A few years back I met some friends of Kari and Cambria. They are another super talented couple. Merrilee's artwork inspired me to make paper dolls today with my kittens. She as her own thing going on which seems rare in today's endless paintings of birds...everywhere. Isn't anyone tired of bird paintings? Doesn't anyone want to try to think up something new instead of all copying everybody else. I loved painting them but come on...have some creativity people. Thank goodness there are artists like Merrilee who are coming up with something fresh and unique.

If I was having a family portrait painted I'd ask Merrilee first. Check out her work on mer mag and Tuesday Mourning.
Jon is in school. I'm secretly hoping that when he finishes they move to Utah and drag Kari and Cambria with them.

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mer said...

yeah! such a sweet shout out. Thanks Cassie (if we do move to Utah we'll do our best to pull Kari and Cambria with us, then we could have artsy fun all together!). Oh, and confession...sometimes I'm tempted to fall into the bird trap, they are so darn cute. I just end up putting them in my house instead of my art...but I make not promises ;)

cambria c. said...

thanks for the lovely compliments. I only wish we had little elves, then maybe we could sleep more. BTW: I knew there was a conspiracy to get us back to Utah!


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