Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paper Puppet Dolls

Dan helped me make these puppet dolls out of my drawings. It's my new addiction. I've been getting into bed and drawing until I can't keep my eyes open. There are a lot of possibilities with hinges and drawing.

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Janet said...

Oh Cassandra, once again you made me laugh. Should you have seen me a moment BCB (before Cassandra's Blog) vs. ACB (You know) you'd be shocked (If I had a Janet paper doll I could show you!) My river of tears, just vanished. Your mind breathes creativity. You really keep me well entertained and quite amazed. It has taken me a looong time to conclude that your kittens are not of the furry variety, and I
probably don't "MARK" their
territory either! Janet

Nigel said...

Nice. The colored drawings have a charm all their own, different from the paintings and the b&w drawings. Hey, I talked to Todd O. Wanna have a critique on Thurs.the 26th, afternoon/evening?

Anonymous said...

You are so creative, Cassandra!


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